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Join Japan brings new opportunities
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"Join Japan" is a project that will help you get closer to Japan. If you came to us, you probably already know that Japan is not the simplest market in terms of building cooperation. Our project "Join Japan" is ready to help you build business with Japan. Our goal is to build close relationship with Japanese business to provide you with new opportunities for success!


Consulting, support of international business, business tourism, organization of forums. 

Multilingual support

We freely communicate in Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and English.

Our main tasks

Helping you:

  • get familiar with new goods, services and technologies from Japan
  • cooperate with Japanese companies that want to work in your market
  • search for partners in Japan

Provide quality support if:

  • you need a marketing study with any area of the Japanese market
  • you need to reduce the risks of potentially profitable activity with Japan
  • your business is connected with social or political activity
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About the company
Mishima Satoshi Founder

Mishima-san is a Japanese businessman who has been living and working in Ukraine for more than 10 years. It is the long experience of organizing bilateral cooperation between our countries that led Mishima Satoshi to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a reliable business bridge. 

About the company
Tanaka Masato Co-founder, head of the japanese division

Co-founder, head of the japanese division. Thanks to many years of successful experience working with major Japanese corporations as a business consultant and crisis manager, Tanaka-san is our main guide to all kinds of japanese markets.

About the company
Roman Khramov Director

Many years of working with Japan and fluency in Japanese allow Roman to handle the role of the project manager of Join Japan as quickly and efficiently as possible.

About the company
Olga Birkovskaya Interpreter