Our projects

Activities in Japan

Discussing the strategy for developing education in the field of cyber-security at the meeting with Deputy Minister of Education of Japan Mr. Tomioka

Meeting with Minister Kato Katsunobu, during which the Minister was invited to visit Ukraine

A memorable photo from the meeting with Minister Kato Katsunobu

Meeting with Minister Kato, who was one of the initiators of the inclusion of cyber-security in the list of topics discussed during the meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President Poroshenko in Kyiv

A memorable photo with Japanese parliament members Mr. Toyama and Mr. Hamamura taken after the lecture on cyber-security

Japanese parliament member Mr. Takuya Hirai, Japanese parliament member Mr. Toyama Kiyohiko, Roman Shupp, Masato Tanaka

During the lecture on cyber-wars

With head of the Security Committee, Mr. Seigo Kitamura, during the discussion of possible ways of cooperation between Japan and Ukraine in the field of cyber-security

During the visit to Chiba University and meeting with its vice-principal

Meeting with Chiba University Board on Science Exchange and Education in Cyber Security

A memorable photo of the meeting with the secretary of the highest rank of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Kakihara. The issues of cooperation in the field of cyber-security were discussed during the meeting

During negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Member of the Japanese Parliament, Toyama Kiyohiko, explains about the activities of the Ukrainian team to the representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Meeting with Minister Shimajiri responsible for Japanese informational technologies development. It was discussed how to educate the necessary number of professional information security officers using the support of Ukrainian specialists by 2020, when the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo

Presents for Minister Shimajiri with national Ukrainian symbols

Meeting with a strategic partner, Niscom, its president, Mr. Onoe, and the head of international business Mr. Mitsuishi

A memorable photo with the Toyama family and the ambassador of Ukraine in Japan Igor Kharchenko

During the political-economic forum of Toyama Kiyohiko

Meeting with the board of Nagasaki University on the subject of science exchange, student programs, cyber security education

Meeting with the board of Nagasaki University on the subject of science exchange, cyber security education

Meeting with Deputy Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture

A meeting on healthy farming, held at the Meeting with Deputy Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture Nepuree company office

Meeting with representatives of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Meeting at the historic restaurant named Kagetsu, in Nagasaki, which at one time was a favorite spot of Sakamoto Ryoma

During the visit to the Parliament of Japan

A memorable photo of a meeting with Oshima Shipbuilding executives

A memorable photo of Oshima group management (at Olive Bay Hotel)

Giving a memorable gifts from Ukrainian shipbuilding representatives to Oshima Shipbuilding’s special adviser, Mr. Fukada

Meeting at the Oshima Shipbuilding Office, dedicated to the start of active cooperation in the field of shipbuilding

Memorable photo of the gala-evening organized by the company Oshima

During a review of Oshima Shipbuilding

Discussing of the supplement “Plasmalogen” with its creator, Professor Fujino

Meeting with Aoikai Medical Group

Discussing the potential cooperation between Ukraine and Japan in the field of medical equipment with the Aoikai Group representatives

Memorable photo from the meeting with former Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, Mr. Nishikawa

Activities around the globe

JOIN JAPAN is proud to work with Sena Kana project. Sena Kana is an artist from Japan, who creates pop-music for the western markets. The project has gone to the global market in mid-2017. JOIN JAPAN stands at its roots and is responsible for management. Among the achievements of the singer we are proud of, there are some top positions in international charts, including the TOP1 on the Billboard chart of France.

Backstage photo from the first filming day of Sena Kana’s debut video

With Wiz Khalifa, American rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. Join Japan team managed the production of the featuring song and music video, filmed in Hollywood, for Sena Kana and Wiz Khalifa

Work meeting with Poo Bear (Jason Boyd), famous American songwriter, best known for collaborating with Justin Bieber, Usher, Chris Brown, etc

During the shoot of music video for the single «Up» Sena Kana feat. Wiz Khalifa

Poo Bear, who is producing songs for Sena Kana artist

Coin Japan is our team of experts, which helps blockchain projects from all over the world to get into the Japanese market. The team is under the direct guidance of our founder, Mishima Satoshi. One of Coin Japan’s main activities is to assist ICO in Japan. In April 2018, the Coin Japan team participated in the AI-EXPO Exhibition Conference held in Tokyo.

In May 2018, the Coin Japan team, led by our founder MIshima Satoshi, participated in the most prominent conference of blockchain industry, the Consensus 2018, held in New York

Lunch with Queen of Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Join Japan’s partner Martin Jacobson from Sweden (Supertext CEO)

During the meeting with Ghana’s Minister of tourism about the future challenges

Memorable photo with Ghana’s Minister of education

Consultations with the leader of project development for Ghana international trade center