Join Japan at UTomorrow Summit 2021 | Join Japan


Join Japan at UTomorrow Summit 2021

As the world starts to return to offline, the biggest event for business community in September was held in UNIT.City. The largest innovation park in Eastern Europe triumphantly hosted a meeting of leading senior executives of the Eastern European innovative companies, venture investors, tech startups, prominent intellectuals and journalists in order to develop partnerships, find new opportunities to scale business and identify global trends — U Tomorrow Summit. More than 1000 people from 140 countries were present in UNIT.City throughout 3-4 of September.

Needless to say, Join Japan was there and talked with leaders in the industries, as well as promising startups. You will definitely hear about successful businesses like Solar Gaps, which create Solar batteries on window blinds, Nanofluid+, which use nanoparts of silver to create an antibacterial and antivirus effect with a wide range of products, and many more companies that were startups in September 2021.

It was incredibly fruitful Summit, and our team is grateful to organisers UNIT.City.