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About importing food products from Japan!

About importing food products from Japan!

13 years ago, I periodically resided in Berlin and Moscow. At that time, Japanese restaurants opened one after another in the capital of Russia.

I remember sushi was sold literally everywhere: in supermarkets, Italian restaurants, clubs. For my taste, they were not the most delicious ones, but Muscovites liked it, and local sushi were very popular.

Today, 13 years later, in Eastern Europe and in the European hinterland, sushi is gaining the popularity among an increasing number of people. In addition, consumers from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Moldova, in particular young people, are also happy to order sushi, gradually learning to use the chopsticks.

However, despite this, the market for the export and sale of Japanese food to European provinces remains an unexplored area of the blue ocean compared with the market in the United States, Asia and Western Europe.

Who can use it?
● Japanese companies producing healthy and attractive-looking food

● Grocery stores in provincial European regions

● Companies ready to engage in the development of the restaurant business of Japanese cuisine in European regions

Why now? There are several reasons:

● Conservative enterprises focused solely on the Japanese market in the last few years have begun to actively export goods abroad;

● In connection with the 2020 Olympics, to be held in Tokyo, Japan is under the scrutiny of the media, which means that a real boom of Japanese food will soon occure;

● Japan is rightfully considered a country of long-livers, and thanks to this, many people associate Japanese nutrition with healthy eating.

Join Japan team will be happy to help you conquer the blue ocean! If you want to export Japanese food to the regions of Europe, and you are interested in our offer, contact Join Japan. Let's move to the new markets together!