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With the help of our company’s consultants, you will get a chance to increase sales by several hundred times, as many of our clients have done.

In addition, an agreement with us will allow you to save a lot of money and reduce risks as part of Japanese expansion.

When working with Japanese partners, our clients face cultural differences as well as differences in values. 

It often happens that first things go up, but just six months later relations with local offices deteriorate.

We can help to avoid such situations. By providing not only marketing services, but also consulting, we will help you win the business race. Join Japan thoroughly investigates the market spheres in which you plan to introduce the product, identifying your advantages and methods of competition. 70% of our clients are companies that have previously tried to enter the Japanese market on their own but have failed. They turned to us knowing that they no longer had the right to make a mistake, and as a result, we were able to achieve our goal together. The remaining 30% are newcomers who are planning to expand, or entrepreneurs who already have experience of international expansion and have secured our support in order to repeat their success.

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