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Join Japan has 15 years of experience, specializing in supporting entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the Japanese market. Having worked on many projects, we have realized the key role of an effective promotion strategy, which is in line with the budget, for starting a new business. Not knowing the specifics of the Japanese market, you can invest a lot of funds in marketing without getting any results.

By getting advice from experts and using the latest digital promotion technology, you can radically reduce the cost of promotion.

For example, expensive advertising in well-known media (television, newspapers, magazines, radio) most often does not have the expected effect and impact on potential buyers or customers. Also, the disadvantage is the inability to accurately calculate the number and duration of views of advertising.

In social networks, it is possible to optimize advertising using a large amount of data, such as the number of subscribers, likes, duration of viewings, comments.

In the experience of Join Japan there were many cases when just one statement of a celebrity about a product or company led to a rapid increase in orders. Of course, behind this “one statement” is a perfected creative plan. Join Japan provides each client with unique marketing solutions that match your goals and the available budget.

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