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Interpretation and translation

Interpretation and translation

Join Japan has a large number of interpreters and translators who are constantly improving their skills.

We can confidently say that it is much more efficient to work with a person who not only speaks correctly, but also understands the subject of translation and has experience in providing the required services. Even a top-quality translator hired by presidents and prime ministers cannot fully guarantee the quality of translations in the areas of international expansion, investment, marketing and consulting where we work. Although there is no doubt that professionals of this level have an excellent command of Japanese, English and Russian, and even the skill of simultaneous interpreting, which particularly enhances their level in the market for translators. Their skills allow them to do their job perfectly during meetings and negotiations at the highest levels.

In order for our clients to be satisfied, we need a professional who is well versed in the concepts of marketing, consulting and promotion, and who has experience working with companies that have subsequently successfully expanded their influence on the international arena. In addition, as we help to conduct transactions between partners from different countries, where different customs are observed, sometimes there are situations when participants unintentionally voice statements that may hurt opponents. In such cases, the interpreter must know how to prevent an unfavorable situation, which emphasizes the importance of meaningful rather than literal translation.

Join Japan employs more than just translators. They are coordinators who have the knowledge and experience to make sure that projects run their best. We take them on as part of our team, train them, and do our best to ensure that our clients are satisfied. At Join Japan, project assistance and support is provided by employees who are passionate about their business and fully committed to the process. They do their best to ensure that every project is successful.

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