Украинцы разработали новую гарнитуру - Hushme

Ukrainians have raised 80 000 US dollars at Japanese crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE with their new device called Hushme. It is nine times more than developers were planning to get! Previously this startup already had successfully collected funds using Kickstarter and IndieGoGo but additional funding was needed for mass release.

Hushme is a unique wireless headset that is designed to protect your phone calls so that people around would not hear your conversation. In addition, if you are in a noisy place, it prevents surrounding sounds from mixing up with your conversation. This headset has three modes. In the first mode, you can use it as your usual hands-free headset. To switch to the second mode, you can cover your mouth by attaching headset’s magnets to each other. This will muffle your speech. You can also activate the third, active masking mode, by pressing the button on the mask: the built-in speakers will play various sounds and third-party listeners will not be able to understand a word.

This headset is designed mostly for office workers, but it will also be useful for everyone who does not want their conversations being overheard.

After successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, it became clear that most of the potential users were from Asian countries, thus making Asia the priority region.

Currently, the first mass delivery of Hushme is planned to happen before 2019 February.