Арно Гулле: «У вас налоги ниже, чем во Франции».

“There are three million people, who live in the capital. But there are no more than 20 real estate agencies that work with foreigners. Therefore, it’s profitable to work here, because there are always foreigners who want to rent or buy housing in Kiev. And the demand for services among customers is high. And it's all because it is a profitable investment. Judge for yourself if you buy an apartment in Paris, then for 1 sq.m. you will need to pay 8 thousand euros, and rental income will be 2-4% per annum. At the same time, the “square” of housing in Kiev will cost 1,000–1,500 euros, and its rental income will be higher - 8–12% per annum, ”says Gueulet.

It is unrealistic to open such a business in France. “There is great competition, because only in Paris there are 2000 real estate agencies that have been working for 20 years. So the market is closed for new businessmen. ”

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