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В чем секрет продуктивности успешных людей?

В чем секрет продуктивности успешных людей?

We would like to share with you some habits that should help manage your time, attention and energy!

Manage your time by yourself

The greatest satisfaction comes from the work we undertake by our own initiative and not the one that is imposed on us. But of course it is not always possible to do only what you want, sometimes you need to respond to the demands of the external environment (calls, e-mails, orders from the boss etc.). Therefore, it is important to find the ideal proportion for you between your plans and work that comes from outside. Do not rush to jump between tasks, but plan your workday schedule instead. This will help you to have more time for the day and not dissipate attention between several different things at the same time.

Forget the myths about the ideal worker

Many of us still believe that the ideal employee is the one who works day and night and is always ready to sacrifice his personal life to work. But those who truly care about the quality of their work, they know: no one can work for many hours without interruption, while constantly remaining highly productive. The human body is not designed for such activity, because by nature a person has a limited concentration of attention. Respect the needs of your body, because in order to work as productively as possible, you need to give yourself a rest. The things that may help are short breaks during the working day, a sufficient amount of sleep and exercise, as well as periodic rest from the computer, social networks and the Internet.

Do not be afraid to stop in the middle of the task and switch to another, more physically active activity

Have you heard about the Zeigarnik effect? Many writers, journalists and psychologists note an interesting effect: if you stop in the process of working without completing it, and go for a walk, lunch, exercises etc., then, returning to the text or project, many new ideas appear in your head that allow you to finish the job much faster and easier. Similarly, the Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik discovered that interrupted actions are stored in memory better than completed ones. Since then, this phenomenon has received the official and internationally recognized name: the Zeigarnik effect. The essence of the effect is that while we are doing something else, all the resources of our brain are aimed at bringing the interrupted task to the end. So, if you started an important project, do not be afraid to take a break in the midst of work: your brain will continue to think about the work that has begun, and you yourself will have more creative and non-standard solutions.

В чем секрет продуктивности успешных людей?

Know how and when to say no

The more obligations we agree to take on, the more we risk to be in a situation where you do not know what to grab. Setting priorities becomes more difficult, as well as focusing on a single task. As one of the strategies to prevent the “blurring of priorities,” scientists propose to think out in advance how you will deny those who want something from you. You can even create a draft email with a polite refusal and write a sample script for an oral conversation. This will help you promptly and objectively explain to your opponent why you cannot take on a specific task.

Measure your progress and achievements

It is very important to determine the unit of measurement of one’s achievements, because monitoring one’s success is the key to changing behavior and drawing up further strategies. The ability to visually see your progress will help you gain more confidence in yourself.

Do not postpone the work "for tomorrow"

Truly successful and productive people find ways to automate or delegate those things that are meaningless to waste their time. Just ask yourself the question: “How can I use my time today so that I can have more time tomorrow?” If you revise your to-do list from this angle, it will be easier for you to spend time on tasks that are not very pleasant in the moment, but which need to be done to clear your time for the future.

Always strive to learn something new

Most successful people try to learn something new in their free time. Writer Thomas Corley, author of “Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals,” studied the life of more than 200 millionaires for five years and found out the following: 86% spend their leisure time reading a book, and 63% say they listen to audiobooks on their way to work.

Productivity experts advise everyone in their spare time to read news sites, blogs, fiction and non-fiction. If you often go somewhere, listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Because according to the research, millionaires, on average, read two books a month.